Subsonic Longboards – Blackout Series

When it comes to manufacturing longboards, not many companies have taken on the endeavor of making custom longboards with custom concaves and custom shapes for the customer- most companies engineer a diverse lineup of boards and sell them throughout the year. This means that in many cases, the rider’s style comes to match the board- not the other way around. Now you might think that it should be that the board is made to the style of the rider, and the guys and gals at Subsonic Longboards feel that way! Since 1999, Subsonic has been creating boards of all kinds for all different people.

This year, they emerged with a new, sexy line of boards that are pre-made, but nonetheless incredible. The Blackout Series features a high-contrast graphic made of a white overlay on a black background. The graphics are then accented by colored side-rails of various bright colors, which really gives the boards a futuristic look.

The catch on these boards is that they’re extremely cheap- that’s because they’re actually cosmetic blems that Subsonic has repainted and refurbished to sell as their Blackout lineup- and if I may comment, that sounds like they’re reducing waste and making sure each longboard goes to a loving place!

This year, they have many variants of two boards- the Shadow 37 and the Talon 37. All boards come with the signature black and white graphic, but are stained on their sidewalls and wheel wells.

The Shadow 37 is 37 inches long with a hefty kicktail on the rear end. The board features slight rocker on the front end to give it a +4 degree wedge, and has Subsonic’s proprietary tri-plane radial, which is a smart mixture of large tub and radial concaves. There’s a small, half-inch microdrop at the front and the board is overall, 9.5 inches wide.

The Talon 37 is a board of the same length, with a unique wedging scheme going on for pumping, dh, and long distance pushing. The +12/-12 degree wedging scheme is extremely powerful when it comes to dh and pumping, and it doesn’t have a bulky drop like some other wedged drop decks. There’s also a slight taper, which is comfortable to stand on. It’s great for drfting, as your back foot doesn’t have to move as much between rails.


Rayne Deep V Nose

Rayne – New Year Updates!

Rayne’s been busy for the new year! These past few weeks have been hectic at the factory, and the work has only just slowed down enough for our Rayne Representative to get back to us with a report and wrap-up of everything that’s happened at the headquarters this holiday season.

First off! For Black Friday in 2016, Rayne gave to us 4 boards in Quad-Beam Deelite Technology, the latest and greatest in Rayne’s special constructions! The new construction is hand-made in the Rayne factory, with 4 foam cores meticulously placed into tight chambers CNC’d in-house. Then, it is saturated with bonding agent, and laid over with a sleek carbon topsheet which reduces torsional flex and increases the longevity of the deck. The 4 boards offered in this construction come with a sleek rainbow graphic, newly designed by Rayne artists! As always, these graphics are sublimated under durable topsheets.

The 4 decks currently offered in this Quad-Beam Deelite Technology are the Demonseed, the Darkside V2, the Exorcist, and the Genesis. They are made to order, so you know they’re of top-notch quality.

For Boxing Day, Rayne revealed two very exciting prototype boards- the Rayne Ego and the Rayne Deep V, two incredibly shapes that Rayne’s never tried before- pre-wedged downhill decks.

The Ego is a +7/-7 wedged drop-through board which pays homage to the original days of downhill, when everybody rocked downhill boards with gnarly wedges to them- they’re making a comeback, and Rayne’s new board is a top contender.

The Deep V is a front-wedged deck that gives the rider a nice +12 degree wedge, creating both a large pocket for tucking and a turny front truck to really dive into corners like you mean it. The shape of the board also creates a front-leaning board, which helps relieve muscle aches and pain during long tucks, which many riders will find to be a plus.

Check all of this out at! Some boards may be sold out.

Fresh Joypulp

IKO, W.I.L.D, Zeno’s Bane Updates – Joypulp

Joypulp returns with updates to their 2016 lineup, incorporating both aesthetic and functional improvements in all the right places. These refinements illustrate new manufacturing processes, community feedback and all around passion for building great decks. Less than six months after their release, all three Joypulp decks in an already great lineup see some action: IKO, W.I.L.D. and Zeno’s Bane.

Updates to the Zeno’s Bane include a new profile that features a waist, and colored plys that accentuate the tapered construction. Designed for downhill and freeride, the taper keeps the deck rigid and light despite the smaller amount of material. An 11-ply center tapers to 7-plys at the edges, meaning no wheelbite and a full ply across the entirety of the belly. It measures 35″ L by 9.75″ W with a 29″ foot platform and a 27″ wheelbase. Features include a micro-drop with W concave, razor sharp top edges, a slightly sunken back foot contour. Graphics courtesy of Edmonton/New York based designer Steph Hsu and applied via screen printing.

The IKO now features tapered construction! The light, yet rigid construction lends itself very well here because the IKO can be used as a hybrid of both downhill and push disciplines. 10 center plys taper to 6-plys at the edge in this application. It measures 37″ L by 10″ W and features a 29″ wheelbase. Features include forked drop-thru or top mounts, razor sharp top edges, and a micro-drop into W concave. The especially cool Jellyfish graphic courtesy of Edmonton Artist Chaisi Glover and applied via screen printing.

Updates to the W.I.L.D. include a redesigned shape with a wider tail and nose and an extra ply. The extra ply adds some rigidity while the tail makes it a comfortable cruiser, both improvements making the W.I.L.D. better suited to handle a mix of disciplines. Construction features the same 10-ply center that tapers to 6-plys at the edges. It measures 33.875″ L by 9.25″ W with a 22.25″ wheelbase. Features include a large, round-lipped kicktail, W concave and razor sharp top edges. Graphics are courtesy of New York based artist Wellington Sun and applied via screen printing.

Hit the link to head to Joypulp and pick up a new deck!

Ahmyo Vibez

Vibez – Ahmyo

Ahmyo just dropped some of the most anticipated wheels of 2016. They’ve been hinting at the availability of a new freeride wheel all year and today they’re available! The new wheels are known as the Vibez and with their release Ahmyo also introduces a new urethane formula, an evolution of Trust!

The Vibez measure 64mm tall. This is an ideal size for a freeride wheel and it’s following a trend of decreasing size for freeride offerings. The smaller height allows faster acceleration and keeps your weight lower to the ground for better stability. The contact patch measure 35mm wide and comes pre-ground from Ahmyo. The width is a good balance of stability and slip, easy to initiate a slide without any divy feeling. The pre-ground contact patch means they’re shred-ready right out of the package. No mold-release or shiny finish needs to be worn off before they hit their sweet-spot. We can thank Ahmyo for this extra manufacturing step and it really makes the experience more pleasurable for the rider!

The rounded lip provides the most predictable transition from grip to slip and will reduce the chances of catching an unexpected edge. The small cores will help to hold speed longer, reduce feedback from the pavement and increase grip. Likewise, the offset  facilitates more predictable slides and transition from straight to sideways. Finally, the 84a durometer is one of the most well-rounded choices for riders of all weights. The Vibez are sure to keep you moving.

If you’re as stoked as we are for the new Vibez, hit the link and pick up a set. They’ll excel at everything from hitting your local grocery to slashing sidewalks or heading sideways down hill. Show Ahmyo some love and check out their new offering!

Timber Boards Tortuga

Tortuga – Timber Boards

Timber Boards is a Netherlands based manufacturer of longboards, by skaters, for skaters. They started in 2011 with the desire to make a board with more character than the then-available mass-produced units. Each year they have continued to push the envelope of while pursuing the idea of creating the perfect freestyle longboard.

Their recently released Tortuga upholds these ideas as a unique, hand-painted and versatile deck focused on freestyle and dancing.  It measures 45.25″ long and just shy of 9″ wide with wheelbase options from 27.7″ – 30.07″. The Tortuga is widest at the waist, slimming down near the truck mounts and then again getting wider at the tails. This gives the rider lots of options on the foot platform while also lending to the perfectly balanced flex. It’s available in three different flex options so you can choose your mix of dampening and response.

You’ll always be aware of your foot position on the standing platform thanks to the shape and concave of the Tortuga. Although mild, the concave varies depending on location on the board with nearly 1/4″ at the bolt holes, slightly more in the waist and 3/8″ at the tails. The variation keeps the tails rigid and the rider locked in. 1/4″ rocker keeps it stable while wheel wells prevent wheelbite. Construction features three pressed layers of Bamboo throughout with an additional layer in the tails. The extra layer increases durability, adds pop and slows the process of razor tail.

Timber stays true to it’s roots with hand painted details in the turtle graphic on the belly. The Turtle here is extra relevant, since Tortuga is the Spanish word for Tortoise. The details remind us that each Tortuga is unique and that Timber is staying true to the ideas it was founded on! Hit the link to check out what Timber offers and pick up a new Tortuga to rip!