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It’s been a while folks. I’ve been away at engineering school for a year. I’ve been too busy to function. But now that school is over, I am back at the keyboard, and I am ready to produce good content for you. Great things are coming! Don’t worry, I missed you too.

Even though we here at LongboardEnvy haven’t been writing, we’ve definitely been skating. We’ve used some great gear, amassed great experiences, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Let’s have a great season.

-Ryan (and JC)

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S1 – Lifer Fullface

S1 has been one of the greatest helmet companies for derby, skateboarding and BMX. Ever since the introduction of their hard-foam, hard-shell dual-certified S1 Lifer, and creating waves in the adrenaline sport community for safe helmet usage, S1 has been continually looking to spread safety as their mission.

Being one of the most trusted helmet companies in the scene, S1’s lack of a fullface helmet offering was the source of a little bit of whining- but whine no more, as S1 has finally introduced their fullface! Affordable, but still fitted with the S1 half-shell, the S1 fullface promises to make protecting your noggin more accessible than it ever was before.

This helmet represents the epitome of all the current trends- anti-fog venting, swift visor action, cool colors and a smooth, aerodynamic shell shape. The design features ear holes to make it easier to hear things when you have it over your head. The helmet doesn’t have any external venting, but the shape of the foam inside the helmet directs hot, moist air out the bottom of the helmet to reduce fogging.

You can choose 4 different kinds of visors at checkout- the clear, tinted, iridium, and mirror finishes. Each have their merits for different lighting conditions. For clear and tinted visors are for bright and clear days, while the iridium and mirror finishes are for extremely bright, sunny days when glare from cars and shiny trucks might blind you momentarily.

Check them out at the link!

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BamBam – Pucks and Gloves

For years- no, decades, Swiss engineering has been hailed as some of the most elite. Luxury cars and sports cars come with Swiss engineering inside of them, as do many expensive watches and clothing. In fact, the Swiss have even perfected the art of engineering chocolate! We all know Swiss chocolate to be some of the best and most decadent.

But they didn’t stop there. The Swiss have broken into the longboard market with BamBam, a new slide puck and glove company right out of Switzerland! Following closely after Crema Fire, BamBam reworked their design and production process for flint-impregnated slide pucks which spark and fire up during slides due to abrasion with asphalt. The result is bright, hot and dangerous (well, not really, the sparks are cool to the touch).

Sure, those pucks look super uber-cool, but the best part about BamBam is their gloves. Their gloves are some of the best we’ve seen so far, hugging every crevice of your hands, all the while being supremely flexible and comfortable. One of the riders we talked to said that he forgot he had them on at one point! These gloves come with built-in knuckle protection and a thick but breathable leather skin, so you can have confidence that these won’t fail you in the worst of falls! The strap is made of durable plastic straps, so you won’t have to worry about them falling off mid-slide.


Also from BamBam, these quirky little tail pucks for your kicktails so you can spark up your bluntslides! These aren’t available in North America, unfortunately. (We’re just as sad as you are.)

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TSG Evolution Knock on Wood

Evolution Wood – TSG Longboard Helmet

Staying safe while you ride is one of the most important aspects of skating and you can do it in style with TSG. Their popular Evolution helmet is now available in a new wood pattern. Construction features a hard, injection molded nylon exterior shell with a shock absorbing EPS foam interior. The wood grain pattern is applied using printed foil so as not to affect the safety features of the helmet.

Wood Helmet Design

Comfort and style remain priorities as well. The anatomical design results in one of the slimmest, best fitting hardshells on the market. It sits low and snug to fully protect the back and sides of your head without sacrificing any freedom of movement. Owners can customize the fit using the included interior comfort pads of varying thicknesses. Thoughtfully located air vents keep the air flowing and your head cool.

Available now at the link. Visit TSG and pick one up today!

Other Helmet Styles

If you cross the streams and bike or skateboard too then you might be interested in some of their other gear as well. They have helmets of all sizes, colors, and uses.

Check out their most basic helmets all the way to their extreme carbon fiber gear and you’ll see the full breadth of their design capabilities. They truly are designing helmets, wood or otherwise, that are a fit for any athlete.

We love safety, but we also love the other gear–the kind that makes you go fast! If you want to stay up to date on the latest reviews, enter your email. We’ll notify you about new product releases from your favorite brands.

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