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Bonzing’s 2019 Lurktron

Bonzing dropped their 2019 Lurktron. The fifth iteration in a series of quiver killers that feature a versatile shape and fresh graphics from team rider Chad Lybrand.

Photo of Bonzing Skateboards Chad Lybrand on the Lurktron
Shaper and Creator Chad Lybrand on the Lurktron

Earlier this year we interviewed Bonzing’s founder and owner Austin Graziano. We learned that the team’s favorite of late has been the Lurktron and it’s recently received some love.

Back in November of 2018 we saw some leaked graphics of what would eventually become the 2019 Lurktron paint job. The style is trippy for sure but we dig it. It reminds us of the days we used to cruise the pages of CCS just ‘miring the graphics.

Photo of Bonzing Skateboards 2019 Lurktron Graphics Leak
Chad Lybrand’s early Lurktron graphic

The final, colorized version of the graphic was released on January 20th with a few additions.

For 2019, the Lurktron is now stained in a pink / magenta color as opposed to the 2018’s red.

Photo of Bonzing Skateboards 2019 Lurktron
2019 Lurktron
Photo of Bonzing Skateboards Lurktron
2018 Lurktron

Otherwise, the deck is largely unchanged. Why mess with a good thing? It’s 33.5″ long and 9.25″ at the widest point up front. It slightly tapers out back, serving as a gentle reminder to keep your weight forward. Wheelbase options from 15.75 – 16.25″, with a mild concave at 0.433″. Construction is 7 plys of sustainably harvested hard rock Maple – the reliable and near indestructible material that all skaters are familiar with.

Photo of 2019 Bonzing Skateboards Lurktron Specs
2019 Lurktron Specs

The Lurktron is a killer all around deck. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose ripper, hit the link below and grab one!

2019 Bonzing Lurktron
Length33.5″ / 85.09cm
Width9.25″ / 23.5cm
Wheelbase15.75 – 16.25″ / 40 – 41.28cm
Concave0.433″ / 1.10cm
Material7-ply Hard Rock Maple
FeaturesDouble-kicks, Wheelwells
Cost$89.99 (Deck only)

Photo of Bonzing Skateboards Logo

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