Paris Truck Co. – 165mm Savants

Over the years, it seems, trucks have been decreasing in width. Back in the original days of longboarding, way back in the early 2000s, wide hangers up to 210mm were looked favorably upon because they were believed to be more stable. And that’s true- wider hangars are less responsive and they’re great for going fast in straight lines.

But that’s not downhill anymore. Now, we’re talking technical downhill/freeride courses where fast braking and deadly quick rail to rail action is required. And for that, shorter hangars are necessary and beneficial.

Recently, we’ve been seeing many truck companies come out with shorter hanger designs. Paris Truck Co. is not an exception. New from Paris Trucks is the 165mm Savant, their forged precision truck offering.

The 165mm Paris Savants are mostly unchanged from their 180mm counterparts- they’re just as strong (if not stronger, because of the narrower width), come in three great colorways (with a fourth, slightly teased extra colorway that should be coming soon), and come with machined top-hat washers and awesome stock bushings. Technically speaking, the Paris Savants have a more precise bushing seat and pivot cup than the regular Paris V2 offering. The seat is semi-machined and precision fit, and the pivot is machined on a lathe as well. Compared to the cast versions, the pivot on the Savants are much fatter and a bit more square, giving you a larger center for racing purposes. 


These are bound to be great not just for technical downhill and freeride, but also for freestyle and dancing purposes- it’s been awhile since there were trucks of such amicable widths that are so great for dancing and freestyle. If you’re a flowy, stylish freestyler, try these out!

Dont' Trip B Hangers and Baseplates

Bhangers – Don’t Trip

Don’t Trip Trucks is a company notorious for its role in creating some of the most innovative trucks on the market. The trucks are deceptively light-weight, uniquely designed and come at a mellower price than most high-end trucks. They do this by manufacturing components that are compatible with each other. This allows for versatile engineering and easy manufacturing of new trucks.

Don’t Trip has managed to create an arsenal of high-quality trucks that meet the needs of a wide variety of disciplines. The new Bhangers fit right in as a precision, traditional kingpin truck well suited for carving, pumping or long-distance pushing. They’re compatible with G/Bomb brackets and related DT products.

The Bhangers ship with axles and spacers that offer four different widths depending on configuration: 125, 131, 137 and 143MM. They’re also available with two different baseplate options in 11° or 25°. The 11° baseplates work well with G/Bomb Superfork or wedged decks while the 25° baseplates work well on a flat mount.

Spherical bearings make these some of the only commercially available, precision traditional kingpin trucks at the moment. They’re CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and ship with RipTide APS bushings and pivot cups.

These unique specifications make the Bhangers a one of a king offering. Hit the link to check them out and cop a set from Don’t Trip. Trucks ship from their shop in Pompano Beach, FL.

Nice-Trucks 160MM Downhill Hanger

160MM Hanger – Nice-Trucks

Nice-Trucks is on the R&D grind with new 160MM hangers. Slated for release later this year, Nice-Trucks team riders have been ripping these new hangers for a few weeks and they’re reporting great results.

The prototype hangers share many of the design and construction characteristics with their wider siblings. Tasteful relief cuts reduce weight and add to the appearance. The stepped bushing seat keeps the bushing secure and the ride stable while the chamfer allows enough flex to to carve if you choose. Spherical rod bearings keep the turn nice and precise but you can also swap these out for an aluminum insert that gives you that surfy feeling.

The 160MM hangers feature a 2MM rake, 1MM less than the 170MM hangers and they’re also flippable. Nice team riders report the trucks are very stable at high speeds and super grippy. They’re expecting a December 2016 release. Keep an eye here for the announcement and hit the link to check out other offerings from the shop at Nice-Trucks!

Nice-Trucks 170MM Lineup

170MM Hanger – Nice-Trucks

Nice-Trucks is a manufacturer of precision downhill trucks based out of Ingelheim, Germany. They recently added a new 170MM hanger to their already versatile lineup. The combination of established design and geometry with a more narrow axle width means these hangers have more grip with the same overall handling characteristics.

While performance is the focus, Nice hasn’t forgotten about appearance either. The hangers are available in anodized Red, Blue and Yellow and feature aesthetically pleasing relief cuts. The trucks weigh in at 230g and measure 265MM wide, 65MM tall and 18MM thick. A removable, spherical bearing in the bushing seat allows the rider to choose between holeshot precision or surf-style carving. The hangers are also flippable and feature a 3MM rake so riders can choose how progressive they like their turning.

Hit the link to scoop up a set and check out what Nice means!

Standard Forged Quicky Red

Forged Quicky – Standard Trucks

Standard Truck’s Forged Truck received an update for 2016! The new Forged Quicky from Standard Trucks uses a unique axle system that allows users to quickly swap wheels. Just press a button to remove the locking cap, change wheels, reinstall the locking cap and press again to be on your way.

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Aera K3 & K5 Available for Preorder

K5 & K3 – Aera Trucks

The K5 is available for preorder. It’s the product of 3 years of research; A culmination of cooperation between the greatest minds in longboard engineering. A new Aera.

The precision truck market has always been a thriving one. It’s come a long way from the first precision trucks back in the 2000s and Aera is one of the best measures of innovation in the modern truck market. Aera strives to be the strongest, lightest and best precision longboard truck, and with every iteration they only get better.

Aera K5

Aera K5

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Updated Precision Rogue Trucks

Precision Update – Rogue Trucks

Rogue incorporated community and team-rider feedback into a recent update of their precision trucks. Geometry and the insert bushing concept remain the same while improvements focus on making the trucks more usable and lightweight.

The bushing seat features a new chamfer allowing for easy assembly or dis-assembly with less contact from the kingpin. In an effort to reduce weight, material was removed from the baseplates and reliefs were milled into the hangers. While these adjustments lower the weight of the assembled truck, Rogue was careful not to compromise any strength or integrity. You can be confident they’re right thanks to their lifetime no-bend guarantee.

The new precisions are available in 160MM or 180MM hanger widths with 15°, 30°, 43° and 50° baseplates. Each set ships with 87a, 90a and 93a Venom tall bushings so you can dial them in to your preference. Also included are 93a insert bushings and 93a pivot cups. Kingpins and axles are pressed in and the axles are now secured with dual set screws. You may have seen dual set screws before the update: Rogue introduced this feature on the last production run of the trucks before the update.

Hit the link and grab a set from Full Circle Distribution. Rogue will throw in a free t-shirt with your order!

UPDATE: New photo of the chamfer added!

Skoa Vertex Front Angle

Vertex – Skoa Designs

When one speaks of luxury trucks, SKOA isn’t an uncommon name. SKOA revolutionized the truck game by not only creating utilitarian and functional precision trucks, but by also designing eye-candy.

The new SKOA Vertex reverse-kingpin trucks combine the design of the existing Stream7 and M.Spec designs to give you a mix between grip, controlled slip and the classic SKOA stability at high speed; all the while keeping the classic SKOA I-Beam portfolio to guarantee maximum strength and minimum weight.

The SKOA Vertex has 1.5 degrees of positive rake and features race-oriented oversized pivot cups to give more support, durability and dampening. They also come equipped with tall SKOA bushings. All urethane parts are in 90a durometer and are hand-poured by SKOA in their manufacturing plant.

Hangars are available in 172mm or 178mm and baseplate combinations are available in 47 degrees symmetrical and also in a 47 degree and 42 degree split native. Grab a set at the link!

Caliber Trucks Hollow Standards

Hollow Standards – Caliber Trucks

Caliber Trucks recently released a new traditional-kingpin truck with an emphasis on lightweight performance. The new Standard Hollow is nearly identical to their original Standard but features hollow, heat-treated axles and kingpins. The new axle and kingpins shave 35g or more of weight from each truck when compared to it’s Standard counterpart. Heat treating the axle and kingpin allows them to accomplish this without compromising on strength.

The new hollows are available individually in the following widths at the link:

  • 135MM: $23.50
  • 148MM: $23.75
  • 160MM: $24.0

They come equipped with 8-hole baseplates and 92a Blood Orange bushings just as the Standards.