Photo of Seismic 80.5 Alphas

Seismic 80.5mm Alphas are here

Seismic and team have been teasing the 80.5mm Alphas for nearly a year and now they’re finally here. Hit the link to place your order or read on for more information.

Seismic 80.5x55mm Alphas
Seismic 80.5x55mm Alpha

Seismic’s 75.5mm Alphas have been a popular race wheel for a while now. They’re known for durability and lasting performance.

The 80.5mm have been on the radar since June of last year when CAD drawings showed up on team rider Aaron Hampshire’s Instagram:

Seismic put in a lot of hours into making these 80.5mm Alphas perfect. Now prototyping is wrapped up and they’re available for oder.

Visit Seismic to order

The larger Alphas are skinnier than the 75.5mm but in both cases they weigh more. These wheels will roll faster with more momentum while still staying surprisingly efficient, grippy and affording lots of braking power.

Seismic dropped two sizes – one specifically designed for downhill (DH) and the other for long distance push (LDP).

Alpha DH Mango80.5mm60mm76AMango$80.00/4
Alpha DH Mint80.5mm60mm78AMint$80.00/4
Alpha LDP Mango80.5mm55mm76AMango$80.00/4
Alpha LDP Mint80.5mm55mm78AMint$80.00/4

Like their smaller counterparts, the 80.5mm Alphas use Seismic’s Fusion Core. Seismic puts time into their R&D and these cores really display how dedicated they are to their craft. They also perform exceptionally well. Thankfully, all that goodness is available in these larger Alphas.

Seismic's Fusion Core in Alpha Wheel
Seismic’s Fusion Core in an Alpha wheel

Seismic has the details! Hit the link below to learn more and purchase a set of Alpha Wheels.

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