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We have 4,500 unique visitors per month and growing. Each visitor visits the page on average 2.5 times per month, viewing 4.87 pages per visit and staying for 2 or more minutes.

Traffic Location

67% of our traffic is organic through search engines. 19% of our traffic is direct and the remainder, roughly 14% comes from social media and other referral networks.


We focus on providing readers with quality content and a pleasurable reading experience. Our ads and placements are unobtrusive and don’t interrupt the user. This ensures a value-added experience that keeps readers coming back.

Each page is limited to a maximum of three placements. There are five placements available on our desktop pages and three placements available on our mobile pages. Placements are split between home and content pages, and by device. Content pages represent roughly 82% of our traffic while our home page accounts for the remaining 18%. Traffic is split fairly equally between devices:

  • Desktop: 48%
  • Mobile: 47%
  • Other: 5%


  • Leaderboard¬†(Desktop / Mobile):

  • Medium Rectangle or Half Page (Choice of One, Desktop Only):

  • Billboard (Desktop 600×300 / Mobile 300×250):

  • Between Posts (Desktop 728×90 / Mobile 300×250):

  • Footer (Desktop / Mobile):

  • Pricing

    PlacementLocationSizeDevicePage TypeCost/mo
    LeaderboardAbove first post728×90AllAll$100
    Medium RectangleAbove fold, Sticky300×250DesktopHomepage$85
    Half PageAbove fold, Sticky600×300DesktopHomepage$150
    BillboardPlaced after the read more tag300×250MobileContent Page$135
    BillboardPlaced after the read more tag600×300DesktopContent Page$175
    Between PostsAfter the first and third article728×90 / 300×250Desktop / MobileAll$115
    FooterAfter the last article728×90AllAll$65

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