History of the Venom Cannibal

Magnum Mach 1 Cannibals. Magnum Mach 1 Cannibals. Magnum Makwan Ca-… Try saying that 10 times fast. Like really fast. Like, as fast as well, Magnum Mach 1 Cannibals. The name is a mouthful, and so is the history behind the wheel. Venom Cannibals are historic

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Sanctum Collective – Stratos Review


Sanctum Collective is based in Colorado and with that comes the Colorado style. Their Sanctum lineup features some of the most unique construction and concaves on the market. The Stratos is made with the signature Alloy Construction that features 8 plies of maple with a single ply of aluminum on the bottom. This creates a very stiff, durable deck ready for the abuse that comes from downhill and freeride.

I’ve been skating the Stratos for about two months now and it has taken quite a few beatings; however, the crew at Sanctum make boards to last. The Alloy Construction has kept the board as stiff as the day I got, it has saved the Stratos from curbs and not surprisingly, it’s still immaculate looking!

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