Deluxe Cruiser Back

DeLuxe Cruiser – Hurtle Skateboards

Hurtle is prepping their new DeLuxe Cruiser for a release later this year. They’ve been kind enough to provide a look of what’s to come!

Hurtle drew inspiration from the the style and character of the Sixties while designing this new skate. They’re made from a piece of solid, European Oak and topped with a sheet of joined veneer. Each deck is shaped by hand and features a color pattern unique to each deck. The deck you get is sure to be the only one like it. To reinforce this idea, Hurtle is individually numbering each deck as well – your deck will be only yours.

The DeLuxe measures 25″ long x 7″ wide. They feature laser engraved markings and are drilled for old-school truck mounts. Truck options include the Gunmetal Pistols or the Tracker Midtracks. In keeping with the old-school-cool theme, Hurtle has chosen 56mm 78a Cadillac Classics for the wheels. They are a reproduction of the first urethane skateboard wheels made available in 1973. Finally, bolts and bearings courtesy of another British brand, Sabre.

If you are searching for a truly special, hand crafted skateboard with some oldschool ‘sidewalk surfer’ flair hit the link to check out Hurtle and keep any eye out for availability later this year.

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Holesom Special / Loaf Over Under

Special / Loaf – Holesom

Holesom has been in the game since 2009. They’re the archetype of a company who remembers that it’s about having fun going down hills. Their unique style gives that sexy, ambient kind of vibe and it’s translated well into the updated versions of their Special and Loaf decks.

The Special was predominantly designed by rider Jordan Hessler in it’s original form. The update is a directional freeride deck designed around rocker and mellow flares, measuring 33 7/8″ long by 8 5/8″ wide at the trucks and 9 5/8″ wide at the waist. It features 1/2″ of concave throughout with some W running from halfway to the back. This creates a super comfortable board for pushing around and doing downhill; your front foot is comfortable but definitely doesn’t have its bubble burst at any point. It offers 3 variable wheelbase options in 1″ increments from 24-26″.

The original Loaf is an extended version of the Biscuit, a derivative of the Holesom owner’s surfboard. The new loaf has been upgraded to a hardrock maple construction and is fitted with some awesome spoon-concave kicktails! It measures 39.5″ long by 9.5″ at its widest point, tapering off to a skinnier 8.75″ near the ends. It also offers 3 variable wheelbase options in 1″ increments from 24-26″ and features a nose spoon micro-kick, mellow flares and 1/2″ of concave with a W running to the tail out back. With a good setup, this board will become your freeride bread and butter!

These updates represent hours of testing and refinement by team riders Gustavo Mello and Antonio Moscatelli. Want to ride with a smile? Hit the link to keep it Holesome and pick up one of these new decks.

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Nice-Trucks 160MM Downhill Hanger

160MM Hanger – Nice-Trucks

Nice-Trucks is on the R&D grind with new 160MM hangers. Slated for release later this year, Nice-Trucks team riders have been ripping these new hangers for a few weeks and they’re reporting great results.

The prototype hangers share many of the design and construction characteristics with their wider siblings. Tasteful relief cuts reduce weight and add to the appearance. The stepped bushing seat keeps the bushing secure and the ride stable while the chamfer allows enough flex to to carve if you choose. Spherical rod bearings keep the turn nice and precise but you can also swap these out for an aluminum insert that gives you that surfy feeling. Not sure what trucks are good for you? Read our guide to the best longboard trucks. You’ll learn more about the parts of a truck, how they perform, and the best trucks for your type of riding style.

The 160MM hangers feature a 2MM rake, 1MM less than the 170MM hangers and they’re also flippable. Nice team riders report the trucks are very stable at high speeds and super grippy. They’re expecting a December 2016 release. Keep an eye here for the announcement and hit the link to check out other offerings from the shop at Nice-Trucks!

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Bones Rough Riders 59MM Black

Bones Rough Riders Wheels

Bones has been a prominent skate company ever since the word skateboard came into existence. They were the trailblazers of the Bones Reds bearings, purveyors of the perfect hard wheel, and now, they are dabbling into shreddable wheel territory!

Introducing the Bones Rough Riders, a street/tech slide hybrid wheel made of Bones’ new ATF (All-Terrain Formula) urethane formula. It’s hard enough to pop the high ollies that you’re used to, but it’ll shave speed with quick, snappy powerslides and gnarly hard-wheel slides. They’re also extremely versatile as filmer wheels, since they roll for a long time and dampen out road vibrations.

These boards are perfect for your double kick cruiser or as an easy cheat wheel for slashing banks and your favorite features! Take them to your favorite spot and get skating!

Update: 59MM Rough Riders are out. Tackle the chunder!


Bones Rough Riders in Action

Bones Rough Riders in Action, from the creators

Check out the 56″ and 59″ wheels in action across all types of terrain. Great for city riding where things can get a little rough and also great for testing out some new terrain off-road. We get stellar footage of the terrain and a wheel tech walkthrough of the Rough Riders.

Through the tech upgrades in the wheels, Bones tells us that you’ll get much higher rebound, despite the abnormal surfaces. We’re anxious to get bouncing on some granite with these new Bones Rough Riders!

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