Nice-Trucks 160MM Downhill Hanger

160MM Hanger – Nice-Trucks

Nice-Trucks is on the R&D grind with new 160MM hangers. Slated for release later this year, Nice-Trucks team riders have been ripping these new hangers for a few weeks and they’re reporting great results.

The prototype hangers share many of the design and construction characteristics with their wider siblings. Tasteful relief cuts reduce weight and add to the appearance. The stepped bushing seat keeps the bushing secure and the ride stable while the chamfer allows enough flex to to carve if you choose. Spherical rod bearings keep the turn nice and precise but you can also swap these out for an aluminum insert that gives you that surfy feeling. Not sure what trucks are good for you? Read our guide to the best longboard trucks. You’ll learn more about the parts of a truck, how they perform, and the best trucks for your type of riding style.

The 160MM hangers feature a 2MM rake, 1MM less than the 170MM hangers and they’re also flippable. Nice team riders report the trucks are very stable at high speeds and super grippy. They’re expecting a December 2016 release. Keep an eye here for the announcement and hit the link to check out other offerings from the shop at Nice-Trucks!

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Ahmyo Proto Groupies

Protos – Ahmyo

Ahmyo has been a staple in the community of longboarding wheel manufacturer’s since their first public release in 2014. Well known for their Higher Learning Series, Ahmyo’s wheels accelerate fast while perfectly blending the line between grip and slip. Despite their stellar lineup, the community has been craving a freeride wheel; These Protos are Ahmyo’s answer and it couldn’t have been any better.

Ahmyo is offering the community an opportunity to ride, test and contribute to the perfect shape. The Protos are a limited-release, centerset freeride shape measuring 72MM tall and 48MM wide in an 81a durometer. They’re rounded and grounded from the factory and poured in Ahmhyo’s already well-known urethane formula.

Trust and hit the link to get a little sideways! Help Ahmyo refine this awesome shape!

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