The Optimo from Remember Collective

Optimo – Remember Collective

The Optimo is Remember Collective’s new premium freeride wheel. Designed to give riders options, it’s available in four different durometers so you can really dial in your ride.

The new wheels feature a super-wide, offset core that’s designed to fully support the lips of the wheel. The additional support reduces deformation of the lip, allowing you to get sideways at lower speeds. A larger, more supportive core also allows the wheel to roll faster and improves slide performance and predictability. You can expect these to grip or slip on command.

The new Optimo is the first in Remember Collective’s collection to be available in multiple durometer options. The colors indicate the durometer: Yellow 74a, Pink 76a, White 78a and Purple 80a. Grab the 74a if you want that smooth, silky slide or go with an 80a if you want like to keep it sideways. The availability of multiple hardnesses allows you to dial in your set up and the graphics and color combo’s keep your setup looking fresh.

Remember Collective expects the wheels to be in shops November 15th. Keep an eye on your local store or check the link for availability online.


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