Holesom Special / Loaf Over Under

Special / Loaf – Holesom

Holesom has been in the game since 2009. They’re the archetype of a company who remembers that it’s about having fun going down hills. Their unique style gives that sexy, ambient kind of vibe and it’s translated well into the updated versions of their Special and Loaf decks.

The Special was predominantly designed by rider Jordan Hessler in it’s original form. The update is a directional freeride deck designed around rocker and mellow flares, measuring 33 7/8″ long by 8 5/8″ wide at the trucks and 9 5/8″ wide at the waist. It features 1/2″ of concave throughout with some W running from halfway to the back. This creates a super comfortable board for pushing around and doing downhill; your front foot is comfortable but definitely doesn’t have its bubble burst at any point. It offers 3 variable wheelbase options in 1″ increments from 24-26″.

The original Loaf is an extended version of the Biscuit, a derivative of the Holesom owner’s surfboard. The new loaf has been upgraded to a hardrock maple construction and is fitted with some awesome spoon-concave kicktails! It measures 39.5″ long by 9.5″ at its widest point, tapering off to a skinnier 8.75″ near the ends. It also offers 3 variable wheelbase options in 1″ increments from 24-26″ and features a nose spoon micro-kick, mellow flares and 1/2″ of concave with a W running to the tail out back. With a good setup, this board will become your freeride bread and butter!

These updates represent hours of testing and refinement by team riders Gustavo Mello and Antonio Moscatelli. Want to ride with a smile? Hit the link to keep it Holesome and pick up one of these new decks.

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