Bones Rough Riders 59MM Black

Rough Riders – Bones

Bones has been a prominent skate company ever since the word skateboard came into existence. They were the trailblazers of the Bones Reds bearings, purveyors of the perfect hard wheel, and now, they are dabbling into shreddable wheel territory!

Introducing the Bones Rough Riders, a street/tech slide hybrid wheel made of Bones’ new ATF (All-Terrain Formula) urethane formula. It’s hard enough to pop the high ollies that you’re used to, but it’ll shave speed with quick, snappy powerslides and gnarly hard-wheel slides. They’re also extremely versatile as filmer wheels, since they roll for a long time and dampen out road vibrations.

These boards are perfect for your double kick cruiser or as an easy cheat wheel for slashing banks and your favorite features! Take them to your favorite spot and get skating!

Update: 59MM Rough Riders are out. Tackle the chunder!

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