Paris Truck Co V2 Macrons

Paris Trucks – Limited Edition Paris V2 Macaron

Paris Truck Co. dropped new limited edition colors of their venerable V2 truck last week as part of a lineup they’ve cleverly dubbed “Les Macarons”. The new colors, Blue Macaron and Pink Macaron, feature pastel baby-blue and baby-pink colors reminiscent of the popular French desert, Macarons.


Paris Truck V2 Macarons

Paris Truck V2 Macarons

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The Paris V2 cast truck is one of the most popular, reliable and versatile trucks available on the market. Whether you’ve been riding for as long as you can remember or you’re just getting started, chances are you’ve ridden a Paris V2 more than once. Their prevalence is in part thanks to their flowly feeling and versatility but even more so thanks to the excellent company behind them. Paris produces trucks with the skater in mind and they back up their manifesto with some of the best customer service and warranty policy in the business.


Paris Guarantee

Paris Guarantee


Despite their market dominance, Paris keeps it interesting. Back in October we covered a rundown of Paris Truck Co. including their well known cast V2 and the forged Savant trucks. Beyond their technological innovations, they regularly introduce limited or special editions to keep your setup fresh. The “Les Macarons” line are one of several limited runs that Paris has produced. Predecessors include Kittens, Adam Colton’s Signature, the Bustin x Paris Colab and many more.



Savvy readers may recognize similarities between the special edition pastel colorways Paris made available in Chinese markets (circa 2016) and the “Les Macarons” colorways. The differences are subtle – The new Blue Macaron and Pink Macaron feature a more satin sheen compared to the special edition’s pastel gloss.



You can find the limited edition “Les Macarons” at Paris own website or via select online retailers and local distributors. The rest is history. You can expect all that you know and love from the Paris V2 “Les Macarons” in the Blue Macaon and Pink Macaron colors. The same baseplate and hanger geometry, open bushing seat and high quality bring you that well-known Paris goodness in some hot new colors. Grab a set of these forbidden snacks while you can. They are available in limited quantities and will no doubt sell out quick.


ModelParis V2
ColorLimited Edition – Les Macarons Blue or Pink
Material356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded w/ Secondary heat treatment
FeaturesGrade 8 steel axle, branded kingpin, Paris 90a bushings

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