Coo Trucks Review

Coo Trucks have been absorbed into a new venture called Next Trucks, but Coo has been making trucks since 2015 and the M2-0R was their most recent project. These are budget friendly with high performance.

I have been riding them for roughly two months now and with that time I’ve really come to know them. You’ll be surprised to learn what makes them different from everything else on the market.

Photo of Coo Precision Trucks as reviewed by Longboard Envy
Coo Precision Trucks
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Paris Truck Co V2 Macrons

Paris Trucks – Limited Edition Paris V2 Macaron

Paris Truck Co. dropped new limited edition colors of their venerable V2 truck last week as part of a lineup they’ve cleverly dubbed “Les Macarons”. The new colors, Blue Macaron and Pink Macaron, feature pastel baby-blue and baby-pink colors reminiscent of the popular French desert, Macarons.


Paris Truck V2 Macarons

Paris Truck V2 Macarons

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Paris Truck Co. – 165mm Savants

Over the years, it seems, trucks have been decreasing in width. Back in the original days of longboarding, way back in the early 2000s, wide hangers up to 210mm were looked favorably upon because they were believed to be more stable. And that’s true- wider hangars are less responsive and they’re great for going fast in straight lines.

But that’s not downhill anymore. Now, we’re talking technical downhill/freeride courses where fast braking and deadly quick rail to rail action is required. And for that, shorter hangars are necessary and beneficial.

Recently, we’ve been seeing many truck companies come out with shorter hanger designs. Paris Truck Co. is not an exception. New from Paris Trucks is the 165mm Savant, their forged precision truck offering.

The 165mm Paris Savants are mostly unchanged from their 180mm counterparts- they’re just as strong (if not stronger, because of the narrower width), come in three great colorways (with a fourth, slightly teased extra colorway that should be coming soon), and come with machined top-hat washers and awesome stock bushings. Technically speaking, the Paris Savants have a more precise bushing seat and pivot cup than the regular Paris V2 offering. The seat is semi-machined and precision fit, and the pivot is machined on a lathe as well. Compared to the cast versions, the pivot on the Savants are much fatter and a bit more square, giving you a larger center for racing purposes. 


These are bound to be great not just for technical downhill and freeride, but also for freestyle and dancing purposes- it’s been awhile since there were trucks of such amicable widths that are so great for dancing and freestyle. If you’re a flowy, stylish freestyler, try these out!

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Randall Trucks - RIII

RIII – Randall Trucks

Randall Trucks announced over the weekend that they’d be releasing the completely redesigned RIII on April 1. That’s roughly two weeks from the time of this writing and since they’re already up on Randall’s website, it seems legit. Randall trucks have been around since the 1970s and have long been one of the standards. Most, if not all, longboarders have ridden or own an RII. The RIII marks an exciting redesign.

New Design Changes for Randall Trucks

The trucks feature a new baseplate with dual mounting holes on both ends for a little adjustment. They also lack the wings found on the RII baseplates, allowing the RIII to be drop-mounted on more boards. The hangers have been redesigned with stronger axles, machined bushing seats and pivot pins.

The bushing seat has also been redesigned and appears to be a lot tighter. The kingpin is now mounted nut side up. New bushings and pivot cups round out the RIII for what will surely be another killer offering from a legend in skate equipment. Grab a set at the link on release day, April 1st!

These are great trucks for downhill longboarding and engineered right here in the USA. Stay in touch for even more gear reviews.

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