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Upcycled & Tailor Made – Rayne Longboards

No one can resist a cruise or commute on a mini, they’re big on fun and small in stature. Whether you’re cruising for fun or commuting to class, you can pack them up easy when your done. Rayne’s new mini cruisers hit that sweet spot with style and they’re set to be available on local shelves and Rayne’s site within hours!

Of the four new minis available, 3 Tailor Made’s feature some of Rayne’s all time best selling graphics shrunk to fit the boards and 1 Upcycled mini featuring their Rival Spaceman graphic.

Tailor Mades measure 26″ long x 7.65″ wide with a wheelbase of 15″. They’re pressed in the Catalyst deck mold and cut with the Popsicle profile shape at the Rayne Factory. They’re versatile enough to rip around the park but you can still stuff them in your locker!

The Upcycled measures 24″ long by 7.75″ wide with three wheelbase options from 14.5″ to 16.75″ and is made from upcycling decks at the Rayne factory. They’re unique in that they feature a three stage rocker and multiple wheelbase options allowing you to choose a kicktail or a longer wheelbase.

Both feature Rayne’s 65mm, 75a Stoneground wheels, 5″ traditional kingpin trucks, Abec 5 bearings and grip. Hit the link to check out Rayne’s shop or click below to see them individually. They’ll be live within a few hours!

Update: Check out the album for a new photo!

Rayne Mini Cruiser in Action

Watch the Rayne Mini in action to get a feel for it.

Have you ridden one of the mini’s? Have a pic on the ride? Tag Longboard Envy on IG (and give us a follow while you’re at it) and let us know what you think of it. We might be in the market for a new mini and want to hear if how it compares to the rest of Rayne’s longboards. They’ve been producing the mini cruiser for a few years so I think we might have to trust they know their stuff.

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