Rolling Tree Acedia

Acedia – Rolling Tree

Rolling Tree dropped a top mount speedboard as the fifth member of their lineup. The Acedia measures 35″ long x 9.4″ wide with wheelbase options from 22 – 26″. Construction consists of 8-Ply Maple with double composite laminate and environmentally friendly zero-VOC finish. Aggressive flairs and hourglass tub concave round out the Acedia.

The Acedia was designed and submitted by Trent Gobel thanks to Rolling Tree’s community driven development. Community members design, submit, provide feedback and collaborate to produce new products in the Rolling Tree lineup. If you’d like to get involved you can check out their Facebook group where it all takes place here: Rolling Tree & Designing Decks.

Hit the link and grab an Acedia to support Rolling Tree as they support the ideas of the community!

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