Buddy Buddy ST Graffiti

2017 ST – Buddy Buddy

Buddy Buddy has always been a buddy to nature with new, innovative and environmentally friendly production methods that haven’t been seen anywhere else. Their “Anchorcore” technology is unique in the union of the upper and lower fiber layers by anchor points through holes in the core. The anchors join the two layers, allowing both to play a role in supporting the weight of the rider, increasing torsional stiffness and vibration dampening.


Their newest addition, the 2017 “ST” deck is no anomaly when it comes to this innovative construction. The new 36.5 inch by 9.5 inch deck features a mellow W-concave for comfort and grip, and a semi-cutout topmount shape for downhill ease. The core is made of Poplar and Ash with the stringers grown in one piece from tip to tail, and plies are laminated with Entropy resins to make a bond so tight, there is a 5 year warranty for delamination.


Pictured is the regular ST deck. The black bottom is the limited edition release, laminated with Basalt Rock fibers instead of fiberglass. Innovative, lighter, and 20% stiffer.