Loaded Boards – Basalt Tesseract

Available in select shops worldwide on May 16, we are two days away from the release of Loaded’s latest, the Loaded Tesseract.

Interested in more reviews of Loaded Boards? Of course you are! Here are the latest Loaded reviews so you can check out their most up-to-date boards & gear that makes them so innovative. Ok, now let’s get to the point.

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Arbor Collective boards

Arbor Collective – Crosscut Series

Hybrid street-slashing is becoming an increasingly popular skate style as both street and downhill scenes start to merge in feature-filled urban environments. Soft freeride wheels on an oversized skateboard has been becoming more and more common to see at both slide jams and city environments alike. It’s a new kind of rush to be able to pull an ollie, some freestyle tricks, and then transition into a banked slope while doing a squat slide.

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