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Dire Wolf – Monon Longboards

Winter is coming! Prepare yourselves with Monon Longboard Company’s new Dire Wolf. Built with downhill and freeride in mind, the Dire Wolf is available in limited quantities featuring artwork from Ivana Mendenhall.

The brain child of their team manager, Thomas Mendenhall and lead designer, Daniel Jimenez, this board combines everything you love for going fast and sideways. It’s features bowl concave with a 1/4″ microdrop, rocker and flared wheel wells. All this comes together to create a foot pocket that will never leave you guessing where to stand.

It measures 39″ long counting the kick and tapers from 9.5″ wide to 9.25″ out back. These specs combined with the optimal 24 – 27.5″ wheelbase options make this a force to be reckoned with. Like all of Monon’s line up, the Dire Wolf is hand shaped to order, giving each board character and a unique feel. Construction features 9 layers of Great Lakes maple that creates a rock solid platform. It will take a beating and stand up amazingly well against the elements.

Monon has a very limited number of these available. Hit the link to pick one up and get shredding.

Sadly, Monon made the decision to shut down in 2018. They had a great 5-year run! Snag a board if you come across them, they’re a welcome rare sight. Best of luck to the team and we hope they stay part of the longboard community indefinitely.

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Holding Holz

39″ Cruiser – Holz Longboards

Miami based longboard manufacturer Holz Longboards produces unique, hand-made longboards with a touch of electricity. Each deck is individually numbered and features a distinct pattern created by running high-voltage electricity from end to end. Their versatile 39″ Bamboo Cruiser is no exception in and it’s built to keep you smiling while you kick.

Holz Shop
Holz Shop

The Bamboo cruiser measures 39″ long x 9.5″ wide with 1/2″ of concave and 5/8″ of camber. It’s constructed from sandwiching 3 layers of 1/16″ Bamboo and 2 layers of 1/8″ Baltic Birch around a fiberglass core before sealing it up with an epoxy resin finish.

Unique to Holz longboards are the burned patterns found on the belly of each deck. They’re called Lichtenberg Figures and they’re formed by running high-voltage electricity through a non-conductive material. The process is extremely cool to see live and Holz has provided a video below:

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Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple Deck

Stained Maple – Hurtle Skateboards

Hurtle boards are made either in limited runs or as special one offs. There is no mass production going on in their workshop. Each deck is individually pressed and hand shaped to get every detail as close to perfect as possible. The new Stained Maple deck is a product of Brad Mallett and DysfunctionalSoldier‘s creativity, combined with Hurtle’s skill. They’ve done a handful of artist collaborations previously, each with their own unique twist and this latest piece is no exception.

This deck is one of the most crisp, minimalist and appealing designs we’ve ever seen. The artwork has been burned into the deck using a laser etching process, creating absolutely explosive results. Hurtle views these collaborations as opportunities to push the envelope aesthetically while producing truly exclusive, artistic decks. Make no mistake though, Hurtle’s work can still shred after the picturesque photo-shoots.

Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple Black and White

Close Up of the Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple artwork in black and white

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