Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple Deck

Stained Maple – Hurtle Skateboards

Hurtle boards are made either in limited runs or as special one offs. There is no mass production going on in their workshop. Each deck is individually pressed and hand shaped to get every detail as close to perfect as possible. The new Stained Maple deck is a product of Brad Mallett and DysfunctionalSoldier‘s creativity, combined with Hurtle’s skill. They’ve done a handful of artist collaborations previously, each with their own unique twist and this latest piece is no exception.

This deck is one of the most crisp, minimalist and appealing designs we’ve ever seen. The artwork has been burned into the deck using a laser etching process, creating absolutely explosive results. Hurtle views these collaborations as opportunities to push the envelope aesthetically while producing truly exclusive, artistic decks. Make no mistake though, Hurtle’s work can still shred after the picturesque photo-shoots.

Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple Black and White

Close Up of the Hurtle Skateboards Stained Maple artwork in black and white

“We are thrilled to have been able to put this deck together with Brad and Dysfunctionalsoldier. Indeed, we hope this is a scenario that we can repeat again soon with other artists, perhaps on a slightly larger scale…”

The artwork, it’s application, the construction and the natural grains of wood highlight Hurtle’s work in the new Stained Maple Deck. Hit the link and head to Hurtle’s store to see what unique, hand-crafted longboards they have available. While there will be more artist collaborations in the future, this Stained Maple deck was unfortunately made unavailable before we could even complete this writing. They’re that good.

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