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39″ Cruiser – Holz Longboards

Miami based longboard manufacturer Holz Longboards produces unique, hand-made longboards with a touch of electricity. Each deck is individually numbered and features a distinct pattern created by running high-voltage electricity from end to end. Their versatile 39″ Bamboo Cruiser is no exception in and it’s built to keep you smiling while you kick.

Holz Shop
Holz Shop

The Bamboo cruiser measures 39″ long x 9.5″ wide with 1/2″ of concave and 5/8″ of camber. It’s constructed from sandwiching 3 layers of 1/16″ Bamboo and 2 layers of 1/8″ Baltic Birch around a fiberglass core before sealing it up with an epoxy resin finish.

Unique to Holz longboards are the burned patterns found on the belly of each deck. They’re called Lichtenberg Figures and they’re formed by running high-voltage electricity through a non-conductive material. The process is extremely cool to see live and Holz has provided a video below:

The product is the eccentric branching pattern found on the bottom of some of Holz’ decks. Each is unique, guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Holz Longbaords Electric Pattern
Holz Longbaords Electric Pattern

The cruiser ships 180MM Paris trucks, clear red 70MM wheels and ABEC 9+ bearings. Hit the link to pick one up and check out the other offerings from Holz.

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