Photo of Rayne Deelite Whip in the racks

Rayne Deelite Whip

Rayne’s popular dancer lost some weight over the holidays – the Whip 41 now features Deelite construction in a limited-edition collaborative release with Motion Boardshop.

Only 25 decks were made for this limited production. If you’re keen to have a lightweight dancer in your lineup, grab one immediately. As of the date of this writing, Motion Boardshop only shows 3 available. Rayne could have more, but they don’t list their stock.

A Brief History

Rayne’s Whip first dropped in the Spring of 2015, fresh out of their R&D department. It came as an addition to their Flow line following the success of the Forge that was re-released the year prior. The Forge was a cambered carver but European customers demanded a rockered counterpart. The Whip was their answer.

It was 41″ long and featured twin-kicks, multiple wheelbase options, mild concave, stiff flex and a Maple and Bamboo construction. Rather than fiberglass, they chose to reinforce the board with cross grain Maple instead. The cross grain gave the board flex along its longitudinal axis but torsional rigidity. Other features included a slick bottom and rounded top edges.

The OG Whip was a limited edition release, available via pre-order only but some shops got extra stock and lucky skaters were able to score them.

In mid-2016, Rayne released a special order of Whips for South Korea where the dancing scene was really taking off. It was also the first time they hinted at the soon-to-be-available 44″ and 47″ models. New for this release were fiberglass reinforcements, top and bottom slick-coats and pressed in wheelwells.

Later the same year, Rayne released the 41″, 44″ and 47″ Whips with the Peacock graphic that are still available today. Only Bamboo and triaxial fiberglass in these models but all the same great features.

They were exceptionally well received and the widespread availability meant that more skaters were able to see what they were all about. They became a staple in the freestyle and dancing disciplines but people started experimenting with them at speed as well.

Deelite Whip

In December 2018, just in time for Boxing day, Rayne released a Whip made with their esteemed Deelite construction. An already great and lightweight performer got even lighter, losing roughly half a pound (226 grams). The reduced weight makes it more flickable and responsive. Flip it, spin it – no matter your choice of dance or freestyle, it’s going to get easier with less weight.

The deck is built on Rayne’s Missionary Construction – a core made of their own blend of vertically laminated Bamboo. Anyone whose owned a deck with this construction can tell you how durable it is. To make it Deelite, Rayne removes some of the Bamboo and replaces it with foam inserts.

The whole assembly is then sandwiched between layers of pre-tensioned, triaxial fiberglass adding light and durable reinforcement that works to prevent sag, add pop and improve feedback.

Eric Hoang of Rayne was kind enough to answer some of our questions:

How does the difference in mass feel while flipping it around?

The lightweight design makes it great for flipping around, [based] solely on the fact that every single skateboard on the market is lighter than your average longboard. Getting as close to that standard skate deck weight is the goal for all manufacturers on the market today. Weight helps for going down but never up, haha! So the more fat we can trim off, the more air we can get!

How does the Deelite construction affect the rigidity? I’ve seen people chop-and-drill these for downhill/freeride use. If the Deelite construction improves rigidity, I can see this being an even more attractive option for those seeking a one-size-fits-all.

I love the rigidity of this board! I believe it’s the strongest that we make! It is our Missionary construction, which I believe to be extremely strong. If you have doubt, I will show you my 2011 Killswitch that has no warping or delaming, despite years of grom worthy neglect and rain riding. Because it’s that strong, we are able to remove some of the bamboo out and replace it with foam. So we’ve taken a strong construction, removed some of the already lightweight wood and inserted foam. So you take strong and light, and make it even lighter! I love it. I had intentions on maybe even chopping mine to use as a single kick dh/freeride?! Who knows! haha I love chopping my own gear.

Which mold is used? We’ve seen reports of the Whip using the Mike Fitter Bromance molds.

Ding ding ding! You are correct! The Whips, both of them, and the Mike Fitter Bromance are used in the same mold. As for whether or not we like saying it, up for debate. They all use the same mold. But as someone who owns all three, they feel VASTLY different. The concave is most pronounced in the Bromance. But it is much mellower in the Deelite Whip, and even more so in the regular Whip. But oddly enough, the regular Whip has the most pronounced radial drop, then the Deelite Whip, and then the Bromance has the most mellow drop of them all. It’s wild how the construction goes into play regarding the mold right? How different can it be? Very. So much so that I once asked Graham to make me a speed stiff Whip in a Fat-Bottom construction and he told me it already existed… as the Bromance! I was in shock and awe. So despite the same mold, I would say they are far from the same board.

Eric Hoang – Rayne

The Whip is already a popular choice for multiple disciplines. With the new Deelite construction and increased rigidity, it makes it that much more attractive.

The quiver killing Deelite Whip has assumed its ultimate form with this limited release. Motion shows three remaining in stock and Rayne still has them available as well. Hit either of them up to get a one of a kind deck.

You can find the limited-edition Deelite Whip at Rayne using the Buy link above or from either of the buttons below:

Rayne Limited Edition Deelite Whip
Length41″ / 104cm
Width9.5″ / 24cm
Wheelbase26 – 27″ / 66 – 69cm
Standing Platform26″ / 66cm
ConstructionDeelite, Bamboo, Triaxial fibgerglass

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