Whip it good with Rayne's new freestyle longboards

Whip – Rayne

You can hit the ground rolling with a few stylish dance moves or carve and flow to your own freestyle with Rayne’s new Whip! New sizes and refinements remind us that Rayne has love for all disciplines of longboarding.

The 2016 Rayne Whip is offered in three lengths: 41″, 44″ and 47″.

  • Whip 41: 41″ x 9.5″ – WB: 25.5″ 26″ 26.5″
  • Whip 44: 44″ x 9.5″ – WB: 27.5″ 28″ 28.5″
  • Whip 47: 47″ x 9.5″ – WB: 30.5″ 31″ 31.5″

If you’ve had experience with the Mike Fitter pro-model you might recognize some characteristics of the Whips. They’re built in a similar mold as the Mike Fitter but differ in the double kicks and flex.

All three are constructed using a custom blend of vertically laminated Bamboo and triaxial fiberglass. Both materials contribute to a light, flexy deck while retaining lots of pop. Artwork is tatooed on so you can be sure it will last as long as your deck does. A feature unique to the Whip in terms of Rayne products are the rounded rails. No worries about a sharp edge cracking your shin during a flip or spin maneuver.

Other features include a symmetrical shape, rocker, micro-drop and 3D wheel wells. The last detail there is pretty cool- Rayne mills material from the core and then presses the wheel wells into the bottom sheet. The result is an extra durable and resilient construction that ensures lots of life from the Whip.

One last detail that will really appeal to the dance and freestylers is Rayne’s Leverage Concave. It features a narrow, flat center that turns up at the balls of the feet in an even, linear direction. Your toes will have a little extra leverage and you’ll have a better idea of foot placement.

If you wanna Whip it good, better hit that link and pick one up!

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