Front Range "Church" Marathon

Church Marathon Outlaw – Pantheon Longboards

Long-distance pushing has always been an integral part of the longboarding scene. Not only is it an amazing source of exercise and fun, there’s also a fairly large community of competitive pushers who push themselves to the limit at high-speeds for extended distances.

In the past, short push races have been held. Races that span across anywhere from 2 miles to 12 miles, but nobody has quite organized a race that is the length of a marathon! But this week, Jeffrey from Pantheon longboards is holding a race of grand proportions that will really challenge push racers past their previous boundaries in a survival of the fittest and excellence of the gnarliest.

Front Range "Church" Marathon Map

Front Range “Church” Marathon Map

Why Create the Church Longboard Marathon?

Jeff is a strong believer in exploring and embracing every style of skating. In recent years, he has noticed that some styles of longboarding, including his beloved long distance push, has been losing focus in the big scope of longboarding, and so as a way to help his sport bounce back, he thought to bring pushers from all over, together in the Church race. He hopes that with this, he will kick off a new age of skating where people will embrace longboarding as exercise, and skateboarding as a way of furthering yourself as an individual; a movement he calls “adventure skateboarding”.

Info About the Longboard Race

The race features terrain that you’ve never seen in a push race before. With over a half mile in elevation change, he says that at one part in the race, you can reach up to 35 miles an hour. A true combination of challenges.

The race takes place at the Bear Creek Lake in Lakewood, Colorado this Sunday the 4th! Contact [email protected] or hit the link to ask for more information regarding the Church race!


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