Capaneus Dirtbag Lineup

Dirtbag – Capaneus Boards

The Dirtbag is out! Capaneus Boards spent over 2 years developing this new deck with their team rider Joel Millman. It’s a topmount, downhill oriented deck designed to get the job done.

Progressive, radial concave starts at 0.625″ in the front and mellows out to 0.375″ in the back. Between the concave and the flares, you’ll stay comfortable and locked-in.

Capaneus Boards Dirtbag Flares

Capaneus Boards Dirtbag Flares

Its compact at 36.125″ long and offers wheelbase options from 24.5″ – 27.5″. The width tapers from 9.5″ to 8.5″, giving riders leverage where it’s needed.

Construction consists of 8 Maple plys and wheel wells make sure you won’t get any bite. The Dirtbag is available now from Capaneus website. Hit the link to place an order or check with your local shop to see if they carry it!

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