2016 Omen Superkick Sunset Shred

29″ Superkick – Omen Longboards

Omen Longboards recently announced the release of their 2016 Superkick. The latest version of their classic mini-cruiser is the best yet. Built in-house by Omen, the Superkick measures 29″ long and 8.25″ wide with a 14.5″ wheelbase.

It borrows it’s full-tail and concave from a traditional deck thanks to the mold Omen uses. The shorter, pointed nose makes up the roughly 3″ difference in length. The fun, versatile shape makes this a great deck all around.

Sold as a complete, the Superkick features Caliber’s standard trucksFree Wheel Company’s Quincys, Free Quickees bearings and Friction griptape.

We’ll update the link once the deck is available on Omen’s site. Grab one for this summer and enjoy the ride!

About Omen Longboards

As you can tell, we love the Omen mini cruiser. It’s a great fit in our own collection and, as always with Omen boards, we highly recommend you consider it if you’re shopping around for a mini board that is very durable.

Omen is doing some really cool stuff, like their Scrapyard Project and their Omen Spawn. Their scrapyard decks are made from their scrap pile–if you’re into unique, recycled gear then make sure you take a look. They’re usually limited edition, so it may take some scrounging!

As you can tell, we are always keeping tabs on what Omen is doing. So you know that we’re going to reviewing more of their product!

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