Black Rain - Rainskates

63MM Black Rain – Rainskates

Rainskates has a 63MM follow-up to their popular 60MM Black Rain in the pipeline with an anticipated release of May-June 2016.

Late last year, Rainskates released a pool/park wheel called the Black Rain that was highly-regarded for being fast and grippy. It measures 60MM x 39MM, has a 24MM machine-grooved contact patch and is composed of their 101a Superthane compound.

This larger version of the Black Rain has been anticipated since the original 60MM offering was released. The 63MM version will sport the same graphics, relative dimensions and urethane compound as the 60MM version. We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available. For now, you can find the 60MM version at link.

Update: Out now! Click here for more info.

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