Spawn – Omen Longboards

Omen just released some of the dopest dope we’ve ever doped. A top-mount, maple speedboard from their shop in Seattle, Washington. The Omen is the first deck from their lineup to feature the new T-Bar concave, an awesome new approach to ‘cave.

The Spawn is one of Omen’s Signature offerings and most recognizable boards and one of the first to introduce a new style of concave from Omen. Here’s what they have to say:

…Featuring a frontal bubble drop and a rear ‘T’ Bar Drop Concave we are able to create one of the most functional and directionally focused boards to date. This board has a slight drop to the standing platform which provides more stability and a locked in feeling second to none, and when matched with the stiff flex and multiple wheelbases, this board is ideal for the technical, face first rider, who enjoys being intuitively connected to their shred sled.

Wheelbase26.5″ – 27.5″
Concave.55″, T-Bar W Progressive Radial Concave
FeaturesBubble drop front, T-Bar drop rear
ConstructionTsunami Tech

Can’t get enough of Omen and their boards? Well, neither can we.

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