DB Longboards 2016 Lineup

2016 Lineup – DB Longboards

DB Longboards recently introduced their 2016 lineup featuring new graphics, construction and shapes. It’s a healthy offering of four new shapes with styles for multiple disciplines.

CoreFlex Technology

They’ve developed a new type of construction they call The CoreFlex which was built with the perfect flex pattern in mind. The Compound incorporates this new construction by combining cambered bamboo sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and a high-density material for high performance freestyle and carving. 3 different offerings are available with various levels of flex.

Longboard Styles: DB Longboards

The Contra is a new top-mount, slightly dropped tub focused on DH and Freeride. Comes in two flavors at 35.5″ and 38.5″ lengths. The Paradigm is a drop-through at 41″ with the same interests.

The Single Speed comes in at 40.5″ and cares not about discipline. Freeride, Dance or carve, it just wants to skate.

New graphics are done in-house by DB and with good taste. The vivid reds and rich blues accompany a futuristic scene on the classic lunch tray. DB really showed up for 2016. Check out their lineup and grab one of the new decks at the link.

Our Review of DB Longboards

If you’re wondering whether they’re hot or not…well they’re hawt. We know that the loud colors are not a style for all of you but we hope you can understand why we think these longboards are flair in the best way.

We especially love the CoreFlex Compound Flex 1 you see above. That board with those wheels. Mhm. Yep. You understand us DB!

Since our initial review, DB Longboards has been working hard and putting out even more great product. Stay tuned for even more reviews from our team by signing up for our email below.

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