Omen Longboards 23" Classic

Scrapyard Project – Omen Longboards

Omen has been one of the most active companies in the longboarding scene. They offer great concaves at great prices, and it’s common knowledge that Omen boards are near indestructible. Tanks. It also turns out that Omen hates wasting perfectly good decks, which sounds pretty good to me because in this day and age, we could use some waste reduction. Global warming and all.

This month, Omen launched the Scrapyard Project, where they take B-grade decks from their scrap pile and birth new cruiser decks and unique, limited offerings. All of them have original Omen graphics and construction dating back to various years, but nonetheless, they’re better than your homemade chop jobs. The edges are sealed, rigorously quality tested and released to the public for substantially less than the retail price. A great deal all-around, and if you invest in a certain deck, it might make it to the regular line-up! An awesome initiative in my eyes. Here are the first batch of scrapyard decks.

The 23” classic is made of blanks with failed “accelerated rocker” pressings. Because of their short platform that’s cut right out from the center of the board, they’re plenty mellow but have enough concave to seriously be nimble. Great for a trip to the grocery store or the movies!

The 9” Barfight is a perfectly good Omen Barfight that’s been shaved an inch down the rails to give you a gnarly freeridable, downhillable, positively monkey toe-able beast of a board. And it’s at nearly half price!

Hit the link to view Omen’s scrapyard collection and pick up one of the limited run while you can!

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