Timber Boards Tortuga

Tortuga – Timber Boards

Timber Boards is a Netherlands based manufacturer of longboards, by skaters, for skaters. They started in 2011 with the desire to make a board with more character than the then-available mass-produced units. Each year they have continued to push the envelope of while pursuing the idea of creating the perfect freestyle longboard.

Their recently released Tortuga upholds these ideas as a unique, hand-painted and versatile deck focused on freestyle and dancing.  It measures 45.25″ long and just shy of 9″ wide with wheelbase options from 27.7″ – 30.07″. The Tortuga is widest at the waist, slimming down near the truck mounts and then again getting wider at the tails. This gives the rider lots of options on the foot platform while also lending to the perfectly balanced flex. It’s available in three different flex options so you can choose your mix of dampening and response.

You’ll always be aware of your foot position on the standing platform thanks to the shape and concave of the Tortuga. Although mild, the concave varies depending on location on the board with nearly 1/4″ at the bolt holes, slightly more in the waist and 3/8″ at the tails. The variation keeps the tails rigid and the rider locked in. 1/4″ rocker keeps it stable while wheel wells prevent wheelbite. Construction features three pressed layers of Bamboo throughout with an additional layer in the tails. The extra layer increases durability, adds pop and slows the process of razor tail.

Timber stays true to it’s roots with hand painted details in the turtle graphic on the belly. The Turtle here is extra relevant, since Tortuga is the Spanish word for Tortoise. The details remind us that each Tortuga is unique and that Timber is staying true to the ideas it was founded on! Hit the link to check out what Timber offers and pick up a new Tortuga to rip!

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