Standard Forged Quicky Red

Forged Quicky – Standard Trucks

Standard Truck’s Forged Truck received an update for 2016! The new Forged Quicky from Standard Trucks uses a unique axle system that allows users to quickly swap wheels. Just press a button to remove the locking cap, change wheels, reinstall the locking cap and press again to be on your way.

The Quicky system uses a ball and spring design to secure a locking cap on the end of each axle where you would  normally find a nut. It facilitates super easy wheel changes and doesn’t require any additional hardware for your wheels. Standard focused on innovation, safety and strength; The system was in development for over a year and a half both in the lab and the field. Independent tests showed that the Quicky system sustained over 120,000 cycles and 550lb (250kg) of lateral pulling force without failure.

The truck is constructed from forged 7003 aluminum, features a 40° baseplate, 3MM rake and weighs approximately 395g complete. It includes Jelly Interlock bushings and is available in 160, 170 and 180MM hanger widths. The Quicky axles are replaceable and constructed from heat treated ChroMo.

Hit the link to grab a Quicky from Standard Trucks or click here to learn more on Standard’s site!



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