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Gin Series – Primate Longboards

Mass-produced, machine-run, identical boards sitting in a factory while hands pick them up, slide them into boxes and mindlessly ship them out to those at home, eager to get out and practice the same tricks, the same roads, the same races. Primate wants none of that. Primate Longboards specializes in unique. With their hand-crafted graphics and charred top-sheets, each one of the longboards in the Primate line-up is perfectly unique, different from every other board.

This time, Primate introduces to you the Gin series; a fun-oriented group of longboards that really digs back into the roots of longboarding: flowing, carving and cruising around the neighborhood on beautiful, hand-crafted longboards.

Longboard Design

The Gin series is comprised of three shapes . Each deck is made completely by hand with unique and individual character, guaranteed to be one of a kind. Construction features 5 Baltic Birch Plys and water-based, environmentally friendly sealers. All wood waste from the production of these decks are reclaimed and reused in other applications. The three options measure as follows:

  • Bubbly: 45″ long x 9.25″ wide x 30.75″ wheelbase
  • Reflection: 41″ long x 9.25″ wide x 27.5″ wheelbase
  • Gemini: 38″ long x 9.25″ wide x 23.25″ wheelbase

Prices for completes range from $205 – 235 and ship with your option of Caliber Trucks and Blood Orange Wheels. Based out of South Dakota with an emphasis on the environment, they’ll donate $3 to the Habitat for Hummanity World Wildlife Federation for every board purchased. Hit the link to pick up one of the new Gin series from Primate and help support the environment!

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