Nice-Trucks 170MM Lineup

170MM Hanger – Nice-Trucks

Nice-Trucks is a manufacturer of precision downhill trucks based out of Ingelheim, Germany. They recently added a new 170MM hanger to their already versatile lineup. The combination of established design and geometry with a more narrow axle width means these hangers have more grip with the same overall handling characteristics.

While performance is the focus, Nice hasn’t forgotten about appearance either. The hangers are available in anodized Red, Blue and Yellow and feature aesthetically pleasing relief cuts. The trucks weigh in at 230g and measure 265MM wide, 65MM tall and 18MM thick. A removable, spherical bearing in the bushing seat allows the rider to choose between holeshot precision or surf-style carving. The hangers are also flippable and feature a 3MM rake so riders can choose how progressive they like their turning.

Hit the link to scoop up a set and check out what Nice means!

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