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It’s time to familiarize yourself with King Lui boards. They’re a regional board manufacturer born from the elevation in the Allgaue Alps, Germany. They emphasize home and high-quality in their boards and it’s apparent in every finished product. Their new directional, downhill deck the Schindluader is no exception.

Input from every team rider and countless revisions went into the creation of the Schindluader. The board measures 35.5″ (90.5cm) with a tapered width beginning at 9.8″ (25cm) up front and narrowing to 9.4″ (24cm) out back. There are three wheel base options at 26.3″, 27.3″ and 28.3″ (67, 69.5 and 72cm, respectively). Micro drop, slightly more than 1/2″ of W concave, wheel wells and flares keep you locked in and aware of your foot position on the board. Construction features 6 plys of locally acquired Ash with fiberglass and epoxy to create a stuff flex. All of the above and the Schindluader weighs in at approximately 2000g or approximately 4.4 pounds. A final Rosewood veneer on the bottom ties in the performance and the aesthetics on this deck.

King Lui’s boards are made by hand and with care. They emphasize local material acquisition and environmentally friendly production. Hit the link to support a great company and scoop up a Schindluader.

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