Rayne Round 1

Round 1 – Rayne

Rayne is out to make the most thaney, long-lasting wheel ever with their new “Round 1” Prototypes. Working closely with the factory has allowed them to refine a ‘thane that is buttery smooth with lots of control. The Round 1s are a limited run released with the intention of showcasing some of the urethane formulas they are working on.

These 65mm wheels are quick, compact and totally shreddable. They’re poured in a classic freeride shape; round lips, a mid-sized, stone-ground contact patch of 47 mm, and an encapsulated core for fast acceleration. They’re a soft 75a, which is unique for a freeride wheel, but that just means that there’s going to be a lot of urethane trails. The formula is rumored to be awesome durability, and that attribute will continue to be a hallmark of the new Rayne wheel formula for future versions as well.  

Hit the link and grab a set while they’re on sale at Rayne.com

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