Subsonic Vega Belly Graphic

Subsonic Vega 36 – Subsonic Skateboards

The 2016 Subsonic Vega from Subsonic includes new features and updates that make this long-standing staple of their lineup even better. The original Vega was designed with veteran and professional downhill racer Chip Wood. Chip was fond of radial concave and rocker in his decks, and the Vega stays true to those sentiments.

Subsonic Vega 36 Technology

The flush mounts, wheel wells, truck mounts and shape are CNC cut and then sanded by hand. It’s a unique combination of precision and attention to detail. Wheel wells are large, and perfectly positioned to prevent wheel bite.

The flush-mounts ensure a level mounting surface for your trucks, despite the directional rocker; a new feature for 2016. The rocker is forward-set, cupping your front foot for stability while giving your back foot something to push on.

Subsonic Vega Update

The update improves the shape, providing more effective foot space. It measure 36″ long x 9.75″ at it’s widest, tapering off towards the back. 5/8″ concave with 2″ flat in center and wheelbase options at 25.5″, 26″ and 27″ round out the new Vega.

Hit the link to pick up a 2016 Vega. Ships from and sold by Subsonic in Seattle, WA.

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