Aera K3 & K5 Available for Preorder

K5 & K3 – Aera Trucks

The K5 is available for preorder. It’s the product of 3 years of research; A culmination of cooperation between the greatest minds in longboard engineering. A new Aera.

The precision truck market has always been a thriving one. It’s come a long way from the first precision trucks back in the 2000s and Aera is one of the best measures of innovation in the modern truck market. Aera strives to be the strongest, lightest and best precision longboard truck, and with every iteration they only get better.

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Aera K5
Aera K5

Much like the Aeras before it, the K5 comes with a completely redesigned pivot and pivot cup. It is longer, and wider to better hold the hanger in place. As a result, the K5 provides more accurate turns, better grip and the pivot interface is more durable.

The incompatibility of pivot designs across generations has been frustrating for some owners but the pivot is an integral part of the truck and as such, innovation must extend to this component as well. New pivot cups are poured in-house using silicone infused urethane.

The pivot cups perfectly match the pivot at their peak with additional support at the extended base of the pivot as well. The additional support helps to dampen up and down motion while also reducing side to side movement.

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In terms of rake and hanger geometry, the K5 has less rake than the K4.The new geometry reduces over or understeer at high-speeds. The K5 is also taller from bushing seat to pivot for more steering power, leverage and grip. The width of the hanger is now available in more narrow options, from 164mm to 184mm.

The hangers are now milled from 1″ thick 7075 plate and feature a larger, triangular shape. The redesigned shape and new material make the K5 30% more stiff without adding any additional weight.

Tapered walls in the baseplate improve rigidity by as much as 35%. These two changes contribute to a more durable truck with less flex at speed. The final improvement is the new manufacturer, who measures their tolerances in Micron’s, making the K5 the most precise truck on the market!

The K5 is available in 30°, 42°, 46° and 50° baseplates with 164mm, 168mm, 174mm and 184mm hanger widths.

The K5 is the epitome of innovation and skater genius. Hit the link to send your preorder directly to Krimes. As an additional plus, they’ve done an extremely limited run of the K3 and you can order those at the link as well!

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