Dana Hanna at Devils Peak

Rayne – Genesis 30

Last week Rayne made available a very limited quantity of the Rayne Genesis 30. The deck is a collaboration between two team riders you’ve likely seen at the podium this season, Dane Hanna and Mitch Thompson. Only 25 were made and some have already shipped!

If you’re a fan of Rayne or have followed this year’s race season, you’ve likely seen this board previously on social media.

Buy A Rayne Carbon Deelite Genesis and chop your own Genesis 30

Rayne has been teasing images of prototype models and team riders on them for more than a month now. Last month Dane Hannah took the W at the Devil’s Peak Downhill race hosted by Venom in Colorado. As much as we enjoyed seeing subtle glimpses of the new deck, the wait is over – the Genesis 30 is now available after release last Wednesday.

This wooden hot rod is a shorter version of Rayne’s full size Genesis packed with all the same features. If you’re trying to get to the bottom in a hurry and you want to pack light, the Genesis 30 has got you.

Buy A Rayne Carbon Deelite Genesis and chop your own Genesis 30

Rayne’s Deelite Fatbottom construction keeps it lightweight, dramatically improving the response, acceleration and control. Despite the reduced weight, it’s still bomb-proof. The composite construction mates foam, fiberglass and bamboo for a result that is incredibly stiff but also incredibly durable. Curbs fear Deelite.

The deck is made out of a Deelite Fatbottom bamboo core and is sandwiched between layers of pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass that have graphics permanently tattooed into their surfaces. – RAYNE

Like the full size Genesis, the 30 has a technical concave that features a micro-drop, continuous rocker, wheel flares and a W pattern that runs through portions of the center. 

In the photo above, the reflection shows pretty clearly where this W pattern runs through the deck. One of the team riders has stated that the concave pattern is relative to the smaller size of the deck. In other words, you couldn’t get these same features from chopping the full-size.

Buy A Rayne Carbon Deelite Genesis and chop your own Genesis 30

Bottom-Line: Rayne released an extremely limited quantity of these Genesis 30s – 25 in total. Some lucky skaters have already received their orders. As of the time of this writing, they are still available for purchase from Rayne. Hit the “Buy” link up top and grab one while you can!

ModelRayne Genesis 30 Limited Edition
Length30″ / 76.2cm
Wdith9.25″ / 23.5cm
Wheelbase21.25 – 22.75″ / 53.9 – 57.8cm
ConstructionDeelite Fatbottom bamboo core
FeaturesMicro-drop, continuous rocker, wheel flares, W-Concave

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