Meat Bicycle Skate Co Pork Soda & Coral Fang Unfinished

Meat Bicycle Skate Co.

There’s some new talent coming out of Lancaster, PA in the form of custom board builder and designer Meat Bicycle Skate Company. They have an aesthetic that is all their own. One of the latest creations is the Pork Soda, a shape inspired by whales that we’re hella keen about.

In The Beginning

The company started roughly 2 years ago in pursuit of a downhill-oriented pintail shape. They weren’t satisfied with what was available, so they chopped a Pantheon Sage and the first Meat Bike was born.

Before long they were looking for more – the next interations included a longer 45″ Pantheon Sage cut and three 39″ shapes made from Drang uncut blanks. Friends and locals were stoked with the results so Meat Bicycle Skate Co. continued to hone their skills. They started pressing decks in-house, experimenting with composite materials and testing shapes. In the time that’s followed they’ve ramped up operations and refined both their product and process. At present, they’ve got team riders and pleased customers bombing hills all over the states on Meat Bikes.

Meet the Meat

Some of you will no-doubt be familiar with the Borderlands reference in the name. The game went from 6 to midnight in popularity real-quick thanks in part to a new artistic style. Likewise, Meat Bicycle Skate Co has introduced it’s own artistic style to the longboarding community. The owner is both a craftsmen and a digital artist – making longboards is an outlet of creative expression where the two come together and the product is killer.

From the shapes to the graphics, everything catches your attention – Here’s an example in a recent Meat Bicycle deck called Mr. Scarberry. Not only does the in-house graphic really pop, that shape is polished as well. Its hard not to want one.

In the past they’ve experimented with artificial-concave by incorporating cork and composite onto thin Maple cores. They’re currently prototyping a fully-composite construction reminiscent of the Landyatchz Triple-beam, aptly named the Meat Tricycle. They’re on the fifth iteration and each evolution is a dramatic improvement. The latest is a lightweight, 100% fiberglass tank. While not currently ready for purchase, we’re stoked to see this become available.

Check @meatbicycleskateco to see some of their latest work.

Pork Soda

The Pork Soda is our fav. At 39″ long and 9.9″ wide, there’s plenty of room to move around. If you like a little freedom in your stance on the platform you’ll feel right at home. The deck features 8 plys of Maple with a radial, 5/8″ deep concave and mild rocker throughout. Slight flush-cuts accompany huge wheel wells and a ton of wheelbase options ranging from 24.5″ to 27.5″.

The inspiration for the contour of the tail came from whales. You can see this tale and variations of it on many of the decks they’ve released but something about the combo of the whale-tail and blunt nose really appeal to us on the Pork Soda. The three color-ways below are currently available for purchase, including one more you can find on their Instagram.

As of this writing, the Pork Soda and other Meat Bicycle Skate Company productions are available direct. Hit the Buy link up top to contact the company via email and place an order. Alternately, take a look at what they’re currently advertising via @meatbicycleskateco and slide into the DMs for an order. They plan to release a website in the future but for now they’re focused on bringing you product and stoke.

Bottom-Line: There are a limited quantity of the Pork Soda in the graphics above. Grab one while you can and support a skater owned and operated company.

ModelMeat Bicycle Skate Co. – Pork Soda
Length39″ / 99cm
Wdith9.9″ / 25.1cm
Wheelbase24.5 – 27.5″ / 62.2 – 69.8cm
Construction8 – 9 Ply Maple
Features1/2″ Radial Concave, Light Rocker, Wheel Cut-outs, Recessed Truck Mounts

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