Prism Skate Co

2016 Collection – Prism Longboards

They’re back, and they’re epic.

Around a year ago, there was a reform in the skate scene. Some of the most legendary riders from all over, scattered across the map with different companies and initiatives each, one by one, started to drop their companies and joined a mysterious name: Prism.

What was Prism? Were they a board company? Were they a lifestyle company? Were they just a name that they all decided to compete under? No, Prism was all of these things.

Prism dropped their brand new boards Friday; a collection of stylish cruiser boards and a handful of true downhill boards which reach back to the roots of Liam and James’ original days; when uncluttered boards were the norm and it was all about the skill and flow of the rider. The Prism line tells the story of 6 legendary skaters; beginning a new chapter in their lives, together as a band of picturesque rippers and skilled racers. See them shred in their new video, “Pilgrims”.

Prism Longboards Downhill Series

The Prism downhill series is simple. The boards reach back into the pasts of their respective riders, and feature concaves that reminisce of boards that they rode in the past. However this time, they have been truly tuned to match the styles and skillsets of the riders that they serve. They come at a good, fair price and force the rider to develop their own board feel through truck and wheel choice. 

Prism Longboards Resin Series

The Resin series is a ridiculously affordable bunch of board completes; solid enough that Quentin uses one to rip down the streets of San Francisco, busting out ollies and early grabs. These are boards you can trust.

“We are Pilgrims and we share the same direction.” Hit the link and follow their journey.


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