Powell Peralta G Slides

Powell Peralta G-Slides Review

Aera has been teasing the new G-Slides from Powell Peralta in their K5 promotional videos. Last night, Powell made them available for sale!

They’re poured in a new urethane formula Powell calls the Soft Slide Formula. It’s designed to be a fast rolling, long lasting urethane available in multiple hardnesses.

The G-Slides were built to go fast, slide easy and last. They measure 56MM in diameter x 38MM wide with a durometer of 85a and a center set core.

Sold in white, hit the link to grab a set and see what Aera and Powell are talking about!

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Watch Powell Peralta G-Slides in Action


Some quick footage and feedback from riding the G-Slides gets us excited about our next ride. They’re smooth on a cruise, smooth in a slide, and looking sexy as hell! We love putting in the work while we ride but it’s nice to be able to ride for longer since we don’t have to push as much as we’re used to.

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