Bastl Boards Bolero

Bolero – Bastl Boards

Importing boards to Europe is a thing of the past! Bastl boards is the local board company of your dreams, if you’re in Germany. Bastl Boards is a boardmaker based out of Leipzig, Germany, notorious for making top-notch dancer boards out of unique materials that you can’t find in many other board constructions. This time, they made a quick, nimble 40-incher freestyle deck that rivals the classics!

Introducing the Bolero; a 42.5 inch freestyle legend dead ringer. Featuring supple 3D twin kicktails and wheel flares, the shape of this board is perfect for doing the steps and twirlies all the while keeping open the possibility of doing small, quick boardslides and some introductory freeride. The concave is mellow, reaching 1 cm deep at the deepest point.

Bastl Boards Design & Construction

The construction of this board is unique in that it uses a combination of carbon stringers and a ply of organic basalt as the top and bottom ply. This creates a super unique flex pattern that’s friendly and consistent for boardwalking and freestyle. It also doesn’t lose its spring over a period of time.

If you’re looking for a do-everything cruiser/freestyle hybrid, the new Bastl Boards Bolero is the board for you! Hit the link and grab yours today!

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