pantheon longboard limited release

Sage – Pantheon Longboards

Pantheon just dropped a super limited run of their Sage deck featuring the Purple Trip Graphic. Only five of these are available!

The Sage features subtle refinements from a two year pursuit of the perfect downhill skate. Pantheon focused on changes to the drop, size and concave to give the rider freedom to move while maintaining that locked-in feeling. The updated drop increases rail concave while the center is raised in a crescent shape until it meets the rail. The result is a more substantial drop without wheelbite.

A subtle flushmount up front let’s you ride on top of the truck if you choose. The drop-flare-concave combo keep you aware of foot placement while on the standing platform and offer your feet something to push against.

It measures 39″ long by 9.8″ wide with a slight taper out the back. Multiple wheelbase options from 25-28″ let you choose a symmetrical ride or something that distributes the weight forward or aft depending on preference. 9 plys of Canadian Maple keep it stiff while a 1/4″ each of rocker and drop keep it stable.

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Hit the link and choose “Purple Trip Graphic” from the dropdown to pick up one of these limited edition Sages!



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