DTC Wheels Ray Setae Side Ribbed

Ray Setae – DTC Wheels

Want more grip? Welcome to the Ray Setae from DTC.  Established in 2006, DTC has steadily raised the bar with each of their new releases. Many of their products are ahead of the game by years. They’re revered for high-quality and their unflinching commitment to performance. Known as trailblazers of urethane and unique shapes, they definitely live up to the reputation.

The Ray Setae is a wheel built for grip. Over two years of development went into refining it towards that goal. They built on their already well known Victory concept of a big core with a wide contact patch and super-sized it. The result is a full 66mm of contact patch on a 71mm tall wheel. It doesn’t stop there though. These wheels incorporate other traction improvements as well.

4 fully supported lips provide extra surface area and keep you straight. The core is precision machined in house and designed to evenly support the entire wheel, ensuring even weight distribution and wear. The core is also offset. The Setae features DTCs speciality ‘thane, lasting 10-15x longer than others on the market. They’re not meant to be worn down like any other wheel; they’re meant to be kept skinned or scrubbed, used for Maryhill and long, winding grip courses.

Lastly, you may notice the ribs on the wheel. One of the most unique features of the Setae, they are designed to smooth out and keep you stable on the chunder. Novel idea.

The Ray Setae is 72mm in width and 71mm in diameter, and boasts a large contact patch of 66mm (split into two sections of 33mm). It also features 4 supported lips: 2 on the outside, and 2 on the inside. Hit the link to visit DTC and pick up a set!

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