Valhalla Sho Stopper

Sho Stopper & Sellout – Valhalla

Tonight, we dine in Valhalla!

Valhalla has been known to make some of the gnarliest looking boards ever. Their sleek designs and cnc’d wheel wells are some of the most notorious and dangerously mischievious things to come by in the longboard scene. With their unique but pragmatic shapes like the black dolphin and the master blaster, Valhalla sits under the feet of hundreds of incredible skaters. But of course, it’s Valhalla and Alex Ameen and he wanted more.

This time around, Valhalla releases two pro-models, both totally unique and guaranteed to be shapes that you have never seen before. One’s a downhill pintail shape, something that’s gone obsolete from today’s market, but was once a classic staple. Another’s an innovative cutout deck that rivals the most advanced cutout decks available on the market.

Introducing the Valhalla Sellout and Sho Stopper.

The Valhalla Sellout is one sexy board. It’s a chopped pintail shape, completely speed stiff and features Valhalla’s signature mellow concave featuring 0.666 inches of concave and rocker, with a good serving of W concave in the back for maximum grip. There’s a standard half-inch of taper and a set of some of Valhalla’s unique wheel wells to show off.

 The Sho Stopper is Sho Oullette’s pro-model board. This has been in development for a while now, but now it’s out there for all of you to enjoy! This deck features Valhalla’s standard 0.666 concave. However, this board is unique in the Valhalla line because it’s symmetrical, and it’s Valhalla’s current premier cutout deck. So for those wanting to run huge wheels without risers, this is the one for you.

Check here for details at Valhalla and hit the to scoop one up while they’re still available!


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