Photo of Slide Perfect Supremacy

Slide Perfect Supremacy Review

Slide Perfect is based out of the UK and have been designing wheels that slide across the best and worst pavements perfectly. They recently made these available at 9€/set – I couldn’t resist! Now I’ve spent a couple months on the 83a Supremacy and have come to appreciate these wheels from beginning to the end.

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New Apparel, New Content

T-shirts and hoodies are finally available at Longboard Envy! We’ve been at this for a while now and it’s a shame that we’ve waited this long to offer these but here they are. In conjunction with the release of our new apparel we’d also like to announce that we’re working on a new layout for the website. Tell us what kind of content you’d like to see for $5 off.

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Photo of Rocket Longboards 2019 Lineup

ROCKET Longboards 2019

ROCKET Longboards dropped their 2019 lineup hot on the heels of their return from ISPO Munich. Designed and refined in cooperation with a range of podium-topping pro riders, this year’s lineup is their most advanced yet. New tech, new manufacturing processes and new graphics.

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