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T-shirts and hoodies are finally available at Longboard Envy! We’ve been at this for a while now and it’s a shame that we’ve waited this long to offer these but here they are. In conjunction with the release of our new apparel we’d also like to announce that we’re working on a new layout for the website. Tell us what kind of content you’d like to see for $5 off.

We set out to tell skaters about the latest gear and rumors the longboarding industry has to offer. As time has passed the longboarding industry has grown and so have our interests. To that end, we added interviews and reviews to the mix. We’ve really enjoyed learning about the people making the things we love to skate and we’re finding that readers appreciate it as well. We love that. But there’s always room for improvement.

Our current format really emphasizes the most recent thing we’ve released. Instead, we want readers to be able to find older content as easily as recent content. We want our site to be easier to navigate and we want popular articles to stay up longer. While we haven’t settled on a new format yet, we do have some goals:

  • Easy access to older content
  • Meaningful categories: Reviews, Interviews, Setups, Gear
  • Easier site navigation
  • Highlight popular content

If you have an idea or suggestion, please feel free to mention it below.

In addition to the new layout, we’re planning to add new content. Reviews, interviews and product availability aren’t going anywhere but we want to know what readers would like to see as well! Some of our ideas include:

  • Event coverage: Do you know who won the most recent race?
  • Pro setup highlights: What are the professionals riding and why?
  • Reader setup highlights: What are YOU riding and why?
  • How to Guides / DIY Articles
  • Maker’s series: articles, tips and info from board builders

Tell us what you think about our ideas and suggest some of your own for a $5 off coupon:

If you’d rather, consider letting us know what you’d like or how we’re doing in the comments below.

Thanks to all our readers for the love and support!

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