Dasilva’s 2019 Lineup

Dasilva Board Co is dropping their 2019 Lineup and it is absolutely stunning. We’ve worked with them to assemble an update on what they have in store for 2019. Their latest is focused on freestyle, dance, downhill and freeride disciplines. In addition to the new decks, all of Dasilva’s wheels will be back in stock after a hiatus due to the overwhelming demand.

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New Apparel, New Content

T-shirts and hoodies are finally available at Longboard Envy! We’ve been at this for a while now and it’s a shame that we’ve waited this long to offer these but here they are. In conjunction with the release of our new apparel we’d also like to announce that we’re working on a new layout for the website. Tell us what kind of content you’d like to see for $5 off.

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Battle For The Net!

Today is the internet wide day of action for Net Neutrality. We’re passionate about a free and open internet where information and ideas are treated equally. Information should be free and you, not the ISPs, should decide what’s available.

Join us in the fight for net neutrality by visiting battleforthenet.com and telling the FCC that you support an open internet.

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