Harfang Wheels Absolute 73 Roman Candle In The Sun

Absolute Roman Candles – Harfang

Earlier this year Harfang released the Roman Candles, a fire throwing wheel based on their Absolute Freeride shape. They’re back with another Roman Candle release based on their popular downhill wheel, the Absolute!

The wheels measure 73MM tall with a wide 58MM contact patch. They’re available in Harfang’s 78a or 81a durometer Race Formula Urethane (RFU). The offset, Fiberglass Matrix (FGM) cores ensure you get lots of grip while you’re laying sparks.

When Harfang released the original Roman Candle they promised that more shapes would be on the way. Hit the link and grab a new set from Harfang’s Roman Candle offering in a downhill shape with some grip and just the right amount of slip!

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